Every parent wants to keep their children safe, and falling victim to counterfeiters’ tricks can have heartbreaking repercussions for families. Babies like to explore the world by putting things in their mouth. So, while companies in the west who make baby products are rigorously tested for the chemical makeup and choking potential of their products, counterfeiters aren’t held to such standards. Parents must be careful with what they’re letting their children play with, because if it’s a counterfeit, it’s anyone’s guess of how safe it is.

It’s even a problem when the parents are presently with the baby. Counterfeit baby carriers, car seats and prams are widespread, and they do not have the same structural integrity of authentic products. Parents trust legitimate brands to make products that won’t collapse or break while their child is inside, so we advise them to take a careful look at what they’re buying online. Mistaking a counterfeit as authentic could become a terrible error.