The Australian Furniture Association Ltd has changed also trading as The Australasian Furnishing Association.

The change announced at the AGM on 18 December, reflects the Association’s commitment to meeting the clear globally-focused attention to the quality, high standards and safety of Australian furnishing products and industry-led strategies.

So what does this mean for AFA Members? 

“More discounts; better access to services; a stronger voice to government and access to the international community. Our new name, the Australasian Furnishing Association, and slightly modified logo, reflect the transformational change we are embarking on as we begin to proactively cement our position as Australia’s peak industry organisation on the international scene.  Our role is to raise awareness and understanding of the Association’s work for Australian businesses and drive demand for Australian quality products, high standards, safety initiatives and skills transfer” announced AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli.

“While we remain committed to our core function as an organisation supporting Australian manufacturing, our new name and logo better demonstrate what our Members stand for and the international attention that has been directed to the AFA over the past 4 years,” Ms Torelli said. “The change clearly communicates our vision which is to ensure our standing in the international community, and the products sourced, designed and manufactured both here and offshore, are recognised as being amongst the safest, best designed, quality manufactured and most sustainable in the world.”

Over the past 18 months, the organisation has an extensive consultation program with its members, stakeholders and the broader community. The purpose was to better understand the status of the sector, consumer attitudes and the strategic direction the AFA should take to build on the historical success of its operation.

The name and brand change are the result of this consultation and underpin a focused strategy to raise awareness and understanding of the Australasian Furnishing Association and has helped us to attract significantly more valuable services and offerings for AFA Members.

As part of the change, the Australasian Furnishing Association has revamped its website and communications tools, which can be accessed by

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