Member Spotlight: CertAssure

Say hello to our member, CertAssure.

Recent members of the Australian Furniture Association, CertAssure are an independent product assessment, certification, testing and consulting organisation focused on domestic and commercial products. They are committed to providing the highest levels of assurance to their clients, providing solutions for product compliance, safety, sustainability, durability, quality and ethical sourcing.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the team has extensive experience and knowledge of domestical and commercial products, including furniture, electrical equipment and toys.

Focused on driving success with across Australia and New Zealand, CertAssure are the experts in ensuring your products comply with relevant and necessary standards.

Director, Marcus Nelson, has over 20 years experience with major Australian retailers, including product compliance and quality assurance.

Marcus and the team at CertAssure are passionate about bringing safe, sustainable and responsibly sourced products to the market, but also their attention to detail with their customer service.

CertAssure standards set out comprehensive requirements to provide manufacturers, importers, retailers and consumers confidence that their products comply with the stringent requirements for safety, sustainability, quality and ethical sourcing.

The Australian Furniture Association believe that CertAssure can assist many of its members with their range of services, including:

Product Certification – Running comprehensive product certification schemes for domestic and commercial furniture and bedding, homewares and décor, electrical equipment, toys and bathroom products.

Leather – Using their LeatherAssure Certification, CertAssure will clearly distinguish your premium product from cheap, fake and poor performing material in the market. Leather is tested to international standards and must comply with strict criteria.

Textiles – Furniture, bedding, décor and accessories are tested to comply to necessary standards to ensure that products are of high quality, safe for user (non-toxic), and durable.

Due Diligence Assessment – If you are looking to manufacture, import ore retail a product, CertAssure can make the process as easy as possible by clearly identifying applicable requirements for products, and evaluating the products compliance with them.

Consultancy Services – To help you and your business effectively manage product risk by improving the quality and safety of products and by also developing and implementing quality control systems, timber due diligence systems and risk assessments and ethical sourcing and modern slavery systems.

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