A further nine furniture product safety recalls were reported to the ACCC this month, with Bunk Beds and Bean Bags heading the list and eBay being amongst the sellers under scrutiny. Retailers have been warned to meet their obligations.

Concerns are increasing over the sale of product that is not only unsafe, but that also does not have the obligatory ‘warning’ labels.

In many cases the products have been sold online, which only adds to the risk because product is by-passing potential distribution checkpoints.

Regulators are being inundated with calls for greater control over the distribution and sale of non-compliant products with consumer complaints on the rise.

High on the list of disputes is non-compliance of mandatory Standards, counterfeit test reports and certificates, absence of mandatory manufacturer identification, care and warning labelling, sub-standard quality products and or materials, and misrepresentation of country of origin, product use or the materials used in the manufacturing, especially surrounding ‘leather’ products.

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