Designed By – James O’Brien

Business Name – Onada

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Design Inspiration

Back in 2013 I had a life changing trip from the other side of the world of my homeland (Australia) – this trip took place in the Balearic islands/Mallorca.

On one particular trip I was exposed to some beautiful old and traditional furniture pieces that sparked my interest, and not too soon after a vivid dream and suddenly this amazing idea manifested out of nothing, as if the Mediterranean sea wanted to share this concept with the rest of the world. I was inspired to re-create these furniture pieces in a modern context and bring their ideas of the siesta back to Australia. Both Ergonomic and Architectural concepts are integrated into my finished products.

Organic, luxury, Comfortable, Unique, Collectable, Feature Pieces are just some of the words that categorise my furniture creations. I have always had a soft spot for beautiful looking objects that serve a useful purpose and Onada is an extension of this passion with my inaugural product, the Onada Siesta Chair, modelled off the traditional mid-century recliner chair, that I interacted with back in 2013 from the Baleric islands/Mallorca.

With this chair I have re-modelled the concept of the recliner with regards to its aesthetic appearance and mechanics of use, while merging it with the cultural habits of the siesta. The chair is designed for people who have a passion for cutting edge ergonomic design.

Design Solution

I have created an affordable, ergonomic, mobile, streamline, attractive and elegant design. Based around the mid century chaise lounge recliner concept that can be folded and either stored in a 600mm deep cupboard and or hung on the wall with a additional mounting system/bracket.

Size-1100(H) x 580(W) x 1600(L) mm, Weight 11kg ‘unfolded’

Materials Used
18mm/12mm Russian birch ply, cotton fabric, tension cord, steel eyelets, steel:stainless steel fixings/fasteners, rubber stoppers, natural oil/wax finish.

Green Notes
Green certified materials used in the assemble and finish (Osmo stain and Tight bond glue).

Processes used in construction, including any new construction methods or applications adopted from other industry technologies 
1. Hand sketching and model making (design process).
2. Solid Works/Auto cad (documenting and preparing for CNC routing).
3. CNC routing of Russian birch plywood.
4. Hand assemble, glue and edge routing of all birch pieces.
5. Simultaneously inserting metal bolts, screws, plates and locking mechanism. Plates were laser cut and manually fitted. Locking mechanism is an off the shelf item from Southco.
6. Finished stain and or colour applied to raw wood.
7. Fabric custom made and fitted by an Upholsterer.
8. Eye lights and tension cord fitted to chair.
9. Rubber stoppers fixed to bottom of legs.