Safeguarding Your Business From A COVID-19 Outbreak
Safeguarding Your Business From A COVID-19 Outbreak


Health authorities are warning Australians to approach the easing of COVID-19 restrictions with care by avoiding complacency.

The effects of lockdowns and restrictions are having a widespread impact on many businesses. Having a plan to help protect your staff from a potential outbreak in your workplace should be a priority. 

It’s important to develop COVID-19 safety plans and COVID-19 OUTBREAK PLAN risk assessments in order to reopen or have employees return to the workplace. The plan needs to include how a business will handle a coronavirus outbreak, engage employees in the process and ensure the final plan is clearly communicated and visible.


Having a plan for how your business will respond if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 is essential. Every business plan may be different depending on business circumstances and whether a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 has physically been in the workplace, and whether they are fully vaccinated. 

Having a well-communicated plan in place will instill confidence in your workforce and will give you the ability to respond swiftly if needed.

Any business, from small to large, needs a plan which can be broken down into business unit and individual team levels, depending on its size. 

Some of the plan should include answers to the below questions, as well as any other business or team specific factors, plus the agreed response and any support or supplies needed:

  • What needs to change to ensure you can follow guidance swiftly?
  • What first step will you take if notified of a possible COVID-19 infection? 
  • How will you identify if an employee who has contracted coronavirus has been in contact with or nearby your workplace? 
  • How will you clearly communicate with employees if an infection occurs and what will you say whilst meeting privacy obligations?
  • How will you notify the appropriate authorities? Do you have their details ready?
  • How you will clean and disinfect your workplace if an infection occurs? Contact AFA Partners TRILOGY for national professional deep cleaning advice and support.
  • How will your business or team continue to operate, trade or reopen if an infection occurs?
  • How will you notify customers or partners of any business changes or if your business must temporarily close?
  • How often will you check in with workers in isolation to ensure their wellbeing?


Keep your employees safe and your business running as restrictions ease with an AFA Industry Specific COVIDSafe plan supported by your . Let this simple three-step template point you in the right direction.


As COVID-19 restrictions are eased and employees around the country return to work, businesses continue to play a vital role in keeping the pandemic under control. Part of that is creating a COVIDSafe plan for your business.

This COVID-19 OUTBREAK PLAN editable template will help you: 

  1. Complete a risk assessment.
  2. Implement prevention practices.
  3. Prepare to respond to an infection.

*Free COVID-19 Outbreak Plan Template Courtesy of Business Australia