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The Team at Selectricity provide expert advice and guidance on energy-related matters to clients, businesses, and organisations. We assess energy needs, develop tailored solutions, and help clients procure energy and optimize usage, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. Selectricity stays updated on energy pricing, industry trends, regulations, and emerging technologies to provide comprehensive and up-to-date recommendations to our clients regarding energy related matters”.

At the core of our ethos lies a deep commitment to leveraging our industry expertise and providing unparalleled customer service. We understand that cultivating strong relationships built on trust is paramount, as it opens the door to truly understanding our clients’ businesses. Through this understanding, we are better equipped to guide them through the ever changing landscape of the energy industry, ensuring they secure the most competitive energy pricing available in the market. Our dedication to our clients goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about forging lasting partnerships that drive mutual success.


Business Type: Energy Specialist 
Phone Number: 02 9538 7130     
Email Address: info@selectricity.com
Business Website: www.selectricity.com


Certificate No: 15032024-643