Timber shortages, global challenges and top tips to mitigate risks with importing conflict timber

Timber shortages, global challenges and top tips to mitigating any risks associated with importing conflict timber for furniture suppliers.

About this event

Presenter: John Halkett, General Manager of Australian Timber Importers Federation

Date: Thursday 13th October 2022, 12-1pm


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Timber shortages, global challenges and top tips to mitigating any risks associated with importing conflict timber.

Learn why the current timber supply crisis in Australia arising from logistics and transport challenges related to the Covid pandemic, and more recently the Russian invasion of Ukraine have dramatically impacted softwood timber imports. Hardwood timber supply challenges will arise from the decisions of the Western Australian and Victorian state governments to shut down native forest-based hardwood timber production operations. The Australian Furniture Association hosted event provides insight into the Top Tips for mitigating risk.

Key themes

Future of imported softwood and hardwood timber supplies to Australia

Top Tips

Raise concerns about the probable reductions in the supply of domestic hardwood timber for high-value utilisation, such as furniture manufacturing, notably from Victoria and Western Australia.
Endeavour to assist in developing additional supplies of high value hardwood timber from USA and Europe (for ash/blonde temperate hardwood species) and Southeast Asia (for tropical hardwood species (for red, brown and pink hardwood species).
Work with other entities in the timber supply chain to source new supplies of high-quality hardwood timber from new sources.

About The Presenter

John Halkett has tertiary qualifications in forest science and public policy. He is the managing director of Sydney-based Forestlands Consulting. The company has expertise in temperate and tropical forest management and forest-based industries.

He is also the general manager of the Australian Timber Importers Federation and a director of forest carbon company Leaf Carbon. John has served on the Board of the Global Timber Forum and has been a member of the NSW Forest Industries Taskforce. He is also the co-publisher of Timber & Forestry enews.

John has held senior positions in government forest and conservation agencies in Australia and New Zealand. John has also worked in the United States, Canada, Papua New Guinea, across Southeast Asia, Myanmar, China, Chile and Africa. He has written numerous scientific papers and seven books on tree-related topics.