Designed By – Paul Allen

Business Name – Pallen Designs

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Design Inspiration

This was my first effort at using two plane-wave and one compound-curved veneered panels, all vacuum-pressed veered to create the Plane Waveform Coffee Table.

The first of three tables – the others being my Convex and Concave Waveform Coffee Tables, is my way of using the full potential of vacuum-pressing plies to inspire memories of wave-riding (or surfing) from my childhood.

Design Solution
Using Vacuum Tables under sealed rubber sheet over carved timber moulds; uncluttered by clear glass tabletop.

Glass tabletop 450×950, 470 high

Materials Used
Bendy Ply, Eucalypt veneer, toughened glass; compacted fabric feet, threaded steel rubber-covered glass mounts

Processes used in construction, including any new construction methods or applications adopted from other industry technologies 
Table Vacuum press under rubber sheet; hand-shaping for timber joins as well as surface finishing