Website Essentials by Web Marketing Angels

Building a website requires so much more than what meets the eye. Learn what factors are essential at the Website Essentials Webinar

About this event
Presenter: Tina Stent, Director of Web Marketing Angels
Date: TBA
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Website Essentials

Building a website requires so much more than what meets the eye. It’s not just pretty pictures and clickable buttons, but a multitude of other factors that also provide the foundation for an effective website.

Key themes

The essentials needed to create an effective website, including well-written content, images, SEO, appropriate branding, and more.
Why you need to make sure each of these features is checked off your website to-do-list.

Top Tips

By the end of this presentation, we hope you will have gained a more thorough understanding of the essential elements that go into building a website and be able to make sure these are implemented on any sites you may have.

About The Presenter

Tina Stent is the managing director and business owner of Web Marketing Angels. Web Marketing Angels was created to aid small to medium businesses to have the same advantages that large corporations have with their digital marketing campaigns – without the high marketing agency price tag!

With over 20 years’ experience in advertising and sales marketing, she has worked with over 1000 businesses in Melbourne and across Australia. Local to the Officer area, she loves to have face-to-face consultations with her clients. She skillfully manages a diverse team, with various skills coming together to form a multi-faceted group, aiming to use their expertise and knowledge to create the perfect marketing strategy fit for your business.