The surging consumption of ‘Fast Furniture’, also known as imported low-cost, unsafe, non-compliant, unsustainable product, is being attributed to increases in the increased cost of living, shifting behavioural patterns, evolving living trends, and the nomadic lifestyles of younger generations. With home ownership on the decline in Australia, many consumers, constrained to renting, frequently update their decor with each move, leaving behind discarded furniture or leaving it for kerbside collection. The dangers of PFAS chemicals contained in ‘fast furniture’ is of most significant concern. Australian Furniture Association CEO, Patrizia Torelli emphasises that, ‘much like disposable fashion, ‘fast furniture’ is often a short-term, budget-friendly indulgence not intended for lasting use, creating a problematic cycle of imported waste. In fact, many of these items contain hazardous chemicals, also known as ‘forever chemicals’, which when taken to landfill can also leach into the waterways and the rest is obvious.’

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