Energy Action helps Australian businesses during energy crisis

Energy prices are expected to rise an average of 20-22% over the next year, with Victorians copping a massive 30% price increase, according to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Victoria’s Essential Services Commission reports that small businesses can expect an...

Gas Price Blues

– Gas retailers withdrawing from the market
– Wholesale Gas cap causing retailers to withdraw from retail pricing
– Businesses unable to obtain gas contracts and forced to take costly default rates
– Now is more important than ever to actively manage your gas supply – this is not the end of market price shock
– You need an expert to guide you through gas contracting

December 2022 energy market update

The Australian Furniture Association’s key energy partner, Energy Action, last month reported some very promising downward movements in electricity prices NSW, VIC and QLD for all calendar years.

‘Its time to act’ Building Designers declare on Eco-Furniture

The Australian Furniture Association’s Furniture 360 project has identified that Building Designers remain key specifiers of Australian furniture.
More than 500 Industry Professionals attended the BDAA – National Festival of Design where the sustainability of furniture, in both residential and commercial settings, was a key talking point of the conference.

Energy Action your go-to for a net-zero tomorrow

Recent Australian Furniture Association research indicates that energy costs and embodied carbon are two of the most important issues facing AFA members.Energy prices across Australia are soaring, with Australia balancing surging energy prices with its commitments to...

The Time To Secure Your Next Energy Contract Is Now

During the past month, we saw a downward movement in the price per MWh for NSW, VIC and QLD for all years. In contrast, SA had a significant increase in price. For 2023 contracts, NSW, VIC and QLD are nearing $50/MWh below recent record highs. The Federal...

Energy Action partners for significant AFA Member savings.

The partnership could not have come at a more crucial time for Australian businesses. The energy market’s volatility is making national headlines and businesses all over Australia are at the front line of the high prices which are placing so much economic pressure on...

Take control of your business energy contracts

Australia is in an energy crisis. It’s been all over the news. The current volatile energy market means there’s never been a more vital time to be monitoring your energy bills and making sure your energy contract is being managed effectively. Our newest partner is helping businesses across the country take back control of their energy requirements. Fight back against the energy crisis.