How 3D product visualisation improves conversions

‘Viewa explains 

How 3D product visualisation improves conversions: Consumer behaviour has changed considerably in the last few years. Consumers are shopping online more than ever, most on their phones and 81% of people are researching before they decide the company to engage with.

The key question form Australian Furniture Association Members is – ‘how can I convert potential customers in the research phase to engage with my products, to purchase, enquire or direct them to our showroom?

The answer – enhanced product visualisation.


How 3D product visualisation improves conversions

If your website allows the customer to view your products in 3D, assess them from all sides and make changes such as materials, fabrics, finishes in real time, you’ll begin to capture their attention. If it goes even one step further and allows them to virtually place the configured product at their home using their phone camera, you’re much more likely to convert.

Shopify recently released new data that interactions with products having AR content showed a 94% higher conversion rate than products without AR

Static Websites will be overlooked

Viewa’s VisualisAR software allows potential customers to view your products in 3D, make real time changes such as fabrics, materials & finishes and then place the configured product in their home with a click. It is designed to make your website interactive, enhance visualisation and ultimately conversions. In addition, it is inexpensive to license and very easy to integrate.

Examples of clients using VisualisAR include Warwick Fabrics, Schots Home Living, Basil Bangs, Home Sweet Home and Clark Rubber to name a few.

AFA members receive $2K free 3D modelling if you decide to implement VisualisAR.

Please contact Viewa Here or contact Kyle Young directly on 0400 092 916 or to arrange a time to demonstrate VisualisAR.