Toppling Furniture Prevention – Best Practice Guide

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This best practice guide provides information to assist key stakeholders to understand and mitigate critical safety hazards associated with unsecured furniture. Stakeholders include designers, suppliers of materials and components, manufacturers, importers, exporters to Australia, buyers, agents, distributors, retailers, consumers and regulators.

All individuals and businesses involved in the design, manufacture and supply of products listed within the scope of ‘high risk’ products are advised to follow best practice, as set out in the guide.

Products must be safe in the context of their environment. In the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of furniture, it is essential to consider the behaviours of children.

Furniture tip-over hazards

Children like climbing on things, especially if there is something attractive up high. Household furniture like bookshelves, wardrobes and entertainment units can be attractive to climb. So too is furniture such as tallboys where pulled-out drawers can act as stairs for climbing. If tipped over, the weight of the unit and its contents become a lethal force. Children are less aware of ‘cause and effect’ and are therefore far less cautious than adults in relation to hazards. Young children may climb on furniture and toppling furniture can cause young children serious injuries and death.

Designers (sometimes known as product developers), Manufacturers, Suppliers, Retailers and Consumers all have a role to play in managing safety. This guide outlines how everyone can work toward to ensure children are kept safe in their homes.


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