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Friends of the Australian Furniture Association, WoodSolutions, is a world leading resource for designing and building with wood. Committed to helping allied industries be as collaborative, innovative, sustainable and competitive as possible, WoodSolutions provides...

ACCC to Focus Online Surveillance for Product Safety

The ACCC is strengthening product safety online, with a focus on expanding participation in the Australian Product Safety Pledge, online surveillance and contributing to greater consistency of international practice.

Commercial Furniture Design Strategies for 2030

In keeping with Australia’s carbon commitments for 2030,,the need to reduce Australian landfill and societal changes since COVID, Australian Commercial Furniture requires a transformational change to a circular economy . The AFA Furniture 360 Project has now developed design principles to enable such a transformation.

Suppliers of infant sleep products legally bound

It is important that suppliers of infant sleep products are legally bound by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and are fully aware of their legal obligations in terms of supplying safe products…