Timber Due Diligence Compliance Toolkit

Timber Due Diligence Compliance

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Businesses and individuals who import regulated timber products into Australia, or who process domestically grown raw logs, may face penalties for breaches of the due diligence requirements.

The Regulation requires that prior to importation all regulated timber products including furniture, furnishing, cabinetry, raw logs and components MUST undergo Due Diligence.

Importers need to establish that the product they are importing is a regulated timber product.

Processors must conduct Due Diligence on all domestically grown logs prior to processing those logs.

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Our Compliance Officers will provide scrutinise your Due Diligence records to ensure they  adhere to The Regulation and provide practical details on HOW to improve your due diligence process, which has these key components:

  • Establish a documented due diligence system – PURCHASE the AFA Due Diligence System Template for Importers HERE or PURCHASE the AFA Due Diligence System Template for Processors HERE
  • Information Gathering
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Maintenance of records.
  • Compliance Checks are designed to assist Importers and Processors to ensure that business adhere to the Regulation and ensure that all legal requirements are met.
  • International Suppliers may also request Compliance Checks in International regions.
  • Customs Brokers, and other allied service providers may also refer Importers or Processors to undergo Compliance Checks for the purpose of securing qualified documentation for the importation of timber products.