Why “fast fashion” runs rampant in the furniture sector

The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) was successful in securing a federally funded grant on product stewardship early in 2022. Design of Commercial Furniture for the Circular Economy – Furniture 360 – will unpack how the furniture industry will...

Furniture 360 Briefing – September 2022

Furniture 360 Project Leader, Mark Thomson, speaks with the Australian Furniture Association (AFA) head of Partnerships and Marketing Jason Ross about the Furniture 360 project. Jason Ross – Mark thank you for your time. Earlier this year you were appointed Project...

Commercial Furniture Design Strategies for 2030

In keeping with Australia’s carbon commitments for 2030,,the need to reduce Australian landfill and societal changes since COVID, Australian Commercial Furniture requires a transformational change to a circular economy . The AFA Furniture 360 Project has now developed design principles to enable such a transformation.

SME Share of Government Spending Doubled

The federal government has dramatically boosted the share of government procurement earmarked for Australia’s small and medium sized businesses.

Preventing Sexual Harassment (Positive Duty on Employers)

The introductory session informs AFA members of some minimum standards that all organisations must follow to comply with the positive duty. The standards require actions to be taken to both prevent and respond to sexual harassment. Learn more from Richard Thompson of Archer Thompson Lawyers.

New laws would require employers to actively prevent sex harassment

Employers may be required to train staff to speak up about workplace sexual harassment with a view to preventing it, or at least intervene earlier, and deal with power imbalances without excluding women, under legislation committed to by the new Labor government.

Website Essentials

Building a website requires so much more than what meets the eye. It’s not just pretty pictures and clickable buttons, but a multitude of other factors that also provide the foundation for an effective website.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has found that 72% of Australians have experienced sexual harassment in their workplace.


Redundancy occurs when an employer decides they no longer need an employee’s job to be done by anyone and terminates their employment. The job itself, not the employee, becomes redundant.


But we’d love to have you. More and more, the AFA receives calls on a whole range of topics, but mostly from stakeholders seeking help or advice, usually related to a business crisis. Increasingly the caller has assumed they are an AFA Member, when they are not. What...

Is it time to renew your business insurance?

Finding the right balance between cover and cost can be a challenge when you don’t have the time to be sifting through quotes and going back and forth with brokers.
But which Insurance do you need for your business?

Google Reviews and Ranking

Google Reviews and Ranking Have you ever wondered how important Google Reviews are? Or perhaps you know they are important for reputation, but the task keeps getting pushed down your ever-growing to-do list. Well, what many businesses don’t realise is that your Google...