Mandatory Reporting of Unsafe Products

There is an obligation under the Australian Consumer Law for suppliers to report any death or serious injury or illness associated with their products to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Suppliers will not know about an incident unless they are contacted by the consumer or health clinician, information is posted on social media or becomes part of a mainstream media news story. This mode is increasingly common especially when the consumer is not feeling heard by the supplier or government agency.

Urban Eyesore – the Tip of the Iceberg

Bushfire and flood emergencies have highlighted the extent of Australia’s furniture waste problem – a familiar urban eyesore on pavements and nature strips and a massive public health and disposal issue for Councils. However, what we see on our streets, is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as furniture waste is concerned.

Industry Opportunity Through Stewardship System

A resilient and sustainable furniture industry, with Australia positioned as a global leader in innovation, is the aim of a three-year programme to develop a commercial furniture Product Stewardship system with minimal financial impact on the industry.

Buying furniture for a venue? Top tips to avoid the risk of litigation.

The Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) continues to assist its Members manage litigious situations. The increase in claims is due to the lack of understanding from Buyers or Specifiers about the right, fit for purpose product and the maintenance regime required...

SGS Partners with the Australasian Furnishing Association

SGS has joined the ranks of premium partners for the benefit of Australasian Furnishing Association Members. SGS company will provide up-to-date technical information and testing services to AFA’s Members internationally  “SGS has accepted an invitation to become a...

Timber Due Diligence Compliance Toolkit

Timber Due Diligence Compliance Want to Book your own dedicated Timber Due Diligence Compliance Check for your Business Team? Businesses and individuals who import regulated timber products into Australia, or who process domestically grown raw logs, may face penalties...

Product Recall Insurance a MUST for Furnishing Industry

Product recalls are on the rise as ever increasing consumer protection and new regulations come into play. It does not take much of a defect to fail to meet various legislation and Australian Standards. Australian businesses in the furnishing industry are responsible...

Australian Businesses responsible for imported product safety

As a result they can be held liable for any defect or other condition that renders the product unsafe and results in injury, death or damage. Generally, all businesses that manufacture or import products will have Public & Products Liability Insurance. However,...

Protect Your Family From Toppling Furniture – A Best Practice Guide

Children like climbing on things, especially if there is something attractive up high. Household furniture like bookshelves, wardrobes, storage and entertainment units can be attractive to climb. So too is furniture such as tallboys or home office filing cabinets, where pulled-out drawers can act as stairs for climbing.
If tipped over, the weight of the unit and its contents become a lethal force.
The latest version of the AFA’s Toppling Furniture Prevention Best Practice Guide is now available.

Furnishing Industry Timber Due Diligence Toolkit LAUNCHED

The Australasian Furnishing Association is proud to launch the Furnishing Industry Timber Due Diligence Toolkit. ‘The AFA, together with stakeholder partners and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, has developed the ‘AFA Timber Due Diligence System’ to...


Product recalls are on the rise as ever increasing consumer protection and new regulations come into play. It does not take much of a defect to fail to meet various legislation and Australian Standards. When a recall is declared by a government agency or a retailer,...