The Australasian Furnishing Association places a strong emphasis on supporting and advising Members about their obligations around safety, standards, compliance and regulatory requirements.

We actively support our Members’ with the delivery of programs and services whilst promoting action across the industry to improve the professional reputation and integrity of the furnishing industry.

AFA Members receive support and advice to assist them to be streets ahead of the competition and be responsible, compliant suppliers to minimise risk to their businesses and their clients.

ESG Criteria

Each of the three elements of ESG investing – environmental, social, and governance – is comprised of a number of criteria that may be considered by clients including procurement bodies, socially responsible investors, consumers or companies wanting to work with ESG-friendly organisations.

ESG – Environmental

Environmental criteria include such things as a company’s use of renewable energy sources, its waste management program, how it handles potential problems of air or water pollution arising from its operations, deforestation issues (if applicable), and raw material sourcing.

ESG – Social

Social criteria cover an extremely wide range of potential issues. There are many separate social aspects of ESG, but all of them are essentially about social relationships. One of the key relationships for a company is the company’s relationship with its employees.


  • Fair pay conditions.
  • Safe working conditions.
  • Career Advancement.
  • Access to training.
  • Flexible ‘work from home’ conditions.
  • Additional benefits and incentives.

ESG – Governance

Governance in the context of ESG is essentially about how a company is managed by those in executive positions. How well do executive management and the board of directors attend to the interests of the company’s various stakeholders – employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers? Regulatory, supply chain and compliance transparency and full and honest financial reporting are often considered key elements of good corporate governance.

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SGS Partners with the Australasian Furnishing Association

SGS Partners with the Australasian Furnishing Association

SGS has joined the ranks of premium partners for the benefit of Australasian Furnishing Association Members. SGS company will provide up-to-date technical information and testing services to AFA’s Members internationally  “SGS has accepted an invitation to become a...

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ACCC Legislation

The purpose of this letter is to remind AFA Members of the Federal Court of Australia decision following action taken by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) against Woolworths Limited (Woolworths) relating to the supply of unsafe products to...

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Couriers and Product Safety – a seller’s obligations

Damage caused in transit can render a product unsafe, create new hazards or increase existing ones. Suppliers must ensure their packaging is fit for purpose, and designed to minimise all risks of damage to maintain the integrity of the product. With the increase of...

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Four cots recalled in one month!

The Australasian Furnishing Association is alarmed to learn that four separate baby cots have been recalled by the ACCC in just one month. Even more alarming is the fact that all three were sold online. ‘With the impending launch of Amazon into Australia, we’re...

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ISO guidance on product safety

ISO guidance on product safety

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) publishes standards on a wide range of topics, including consumer product safety. Members may be aware, for example, of the ISO standard for high chairs – ISO 9221. But ISO also publishes a range of standards and guides...

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Review of Mandatory BUNK BED Standards

Manufacturers, Importers, Agents and Retailers were in attendance at the recent AFA Seminar on the Review of the Mandatory Standards for Bunk Beds and how they will be affected by these changes. The Australian Furniture Association hosted this exclusive AFA Member...

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Tipping Furniture Warning

The AFA has been liaising with Government to look into tipping furniture as it poses an ongoing threat to Australians. The AFA is pleased Australia's consumer watchdog has launched a safety investigation into a popular series of drawers by Swedish furniture retailer...

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Product recalls are on the rise as ever increasing consumer protection and new regulations come into play. It does not take much of a defect to fail to meet various legislation and Australian Standards. When a recall is declared by a government agency or a retailer,...

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